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Whether you are looking for lunch, dinner or Mexican take away in Copenhagen, you should visit Restaurant El Viejo Mexico. Fresh raw materials and ingredients cooked with passion and love by professional and committed chefs create the delicious and qualitative take away our customers deserve. We always make sure our dishes vary, providing our customers with exciting food experiences.

A hearty dinner is one of the best things in life, and that’s why we lay on seriously tasty Mexican food. Our restaurant is all about high-quality, great flavours, ingredients and fantastic value. When ordering Mexican take away in Copenhagen, your food is placed in boxes that keep your food warm until you can enjoy the food in your home, workplace, or hotel.

Company agreement – Mexican take away Copenhagen

Are you interested in a company agreement with El Viejo? All company agreements can be arranged with credit up to a month. El Viejo collaborate with the delivery company TakeOut, which makes sure that our Mexican take away is brought directly to your door. Contact us to get more information on how we can help you.

Pickup and delivery – Mexican take away

Our mission is to bring authentic Mexican culture into your home or workplace. Therefore, we always put an extra effort in giving our dishes an authentic Mexican taste that is combined with gourmet and visual presentation. At El Viejo, you can expect mexi take away in top class. Do you want to pick up your Mexican take away at our restaurant? Then call us now to order tlf.: 33 93 00 61

Since we are in Denmark, we prepare our Mexican dishes with a Danish touch meaning you will have to notify us if you want your meal extra strong.

Mexi take away in Copenhagen

El Viejo cooks up the most delicious and scrumptious dishes. If you want to spoil your beloved ones, our Mexican take away in Copenhagen is worth a try. El Viejo will give you true a South American savour.

Want your takeaway food from El Viejo Mexico delivered to your home? Call TakeOut 70 27 70 30

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